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Do you want a video signature made by Third Power Productions?


I have had many requests for Video footage signatures. As these signatures take a lot more effort and up to 6 different programs to make these signatures will not be free. These signatures take anywhere from 1-3 hours to make because of this. So I will be charging $5- for your won video signature made to your specifications and you will receive the Photoshop file and animated gif. Which I have kept the price low for a couple of hours work I don’t think is too bad. :P Payment can be arranged through either PayPal or direct deposit.

 If you require a video signature with footage you have or just what u want, you will need to email me at with the following details…

Colour Scheme:
Text to be displayed:
Clan name & tag :
Text colour:
Special effects:
Detailed description of what you would like to see done:

Payment Method:

Please add any pictures, videos or links of what you would like added to your sig.

All video signatures must be pain in full before they will be made.

If you just require a normal or animated signature please visit our forums here.


Thanks guys,

Third Power Productions.