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German Medals from WWII

This is a list of German medals from WWII most of which can be won in special events organised by the Das Reich clan.


Military Awards


Campaign Cuff Titles

Afrika Cuff Title

Kreta Cuff Title

Kurland Cuff Title

Metz 1944 Cuff Title


Campaign Shields

Cholm Shield

Crimea Shield

Demjansk Shield

Kuban Shield

Lapland Shield

Narvik Shield


Heer & Waffen-SS Badges

Anti-Partisan Badge

Army Anti-Aircraft Badge

Army Balloon Observer's Badge

Army Balloon Observer's Badge: A Comprehensive Study

Army Parachutist Badge

Badge for shooting-down low flying aircraft

Close Combat Bar

General Assault Badge

Honor Roll Clasp of the Heer

Infantry Assault Badge

Markmanship Lanyards

Sniper's Badge

Tank Combat Badge

Tank Destruction Badge


German Cross

German Cross in Silver

German Cross in Gold

German Cross with Diamonds


Iron Cross

Iron Cross 2nd Class

Iron Cross 1st Class

Knight's Cross

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds

Knight's Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds

Grand Cross of the Iron Cross


Kriegsmarine Badges

Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge

Blockade Runner Badge

Coastal Artillery War Badge

Combat Badge for Small Battle Units

Destroyer War Badge

E-Boat War Badge

High Seas Fleet War Badge

Honor Roll Clasp of the Kriegsmarine

Minesweeper Badge

Naval Combat Clasp

U-Boat Combat Clasp

U-Boat War Badge


Luftwaffe Badges

Air Gunner's and Flight Engineer's Badge

Aircrew Badge

Anti-Aircraft Badge

Close Combat Bar of the Luftwaffe

Combined Pilot-Observer Badge

Combined Pilot-Observer Badge in Gold with Diamonds

Flier's Commemorative Badge

Glider Pilot's Badge

Ground Assault Badge

Honor Roll Clasp of the Luftwaffe

Observers Badge

Operational Flying Clasp

Markmanship Lanyards

Parachutists Badge

Pilots Badge

Radio Operator / Air Gunner Badge

Sea Battle Badge of the Luftwaffe

Tank Combat Badge of the Luftwaffe


Service Awards

Badge for Long Service as a Civilian Employee of the Army and Navy

Commemorative Medal of 13 March 1938 (Austria)

Commemorative Medal of 1 October 1938 (Czechoslovakia)

Cross of Honour 1914-18

Driver's Service Badge

Eastern Front Medal - See Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia

German Defences Medal

Hindenburg Cross - Cross of Honour 1914-18

Italo-German Campaign Medal in Africa (not a German award)

Long Service Awards of the Wehrmacht

Medal for the Winter Campaign in Russia 1941-42

Return of Memel Commemorative Medal

Spanish Cross

West Wall Medal - See German Defences Medal


Spanish Civil War (Legion Condor)

Spanish Civil War Wound Badge

Spanish Cross

Tank Combat Badge of Legion Condor


War Merit Cross

War Merit Medal

War Merit Cross 2nd Class

War Merit Cross 1st Class

Knights Cross to the War Merit Cross

Knights Cross to the War Merit Cross in Gold








Wound Badges

Spanish Civil War Wound Badge

Wound Badge

Wound Badge, 20 July 1944


Various Awards

Blue Division Medal

Ostvolk Medal

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