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The below items are calculated for delivery  for paypal in  Australia ONLY, overseas deliveries and Non-paypal orders please use the below order form and the total cost and delivery will be calculated and sent back to you, Thanks.

Das Reich Key Chains

Leather Eagle Key Chain $8- USD

Das Reich Square Key Chain $3- USD

Eagle Key Chain $3- USD

Das Reich Symbol Key Chain $3- USD

Personalized Das Reich Clan Chain $3- USD


Das Reich Mugs

Das Reich Clan Mugs $13- USD

Das Reich Can Coolers

Das Reich Clan Can Coolers $9.5- USD

Das Reich Mouse Pads

Das Reich Clan Mouse Pads $9- USD 

Das Reich Clan Members Shirts

Das Reich Clan Members Shirts $32- USD 

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Coming soon Including:

More key chains

Name Tags

mouse Pads

Drink car coolers